Spring I Tell Ya!

I swear it’s spring. 70 degree days…flower buds trying to burst…fuzzy pussywillows… So why does the calendar say March 13? Is it some cruel joke? Will another April Fool’s Snow ruin all of this precious life? Let’s hope not. In the meantime, I choose to believe it’s spring!

pussywillow buds

magnolia […]

Frosty Shenandoah Valley Sunrise

23 degrees!! I love “chilly weather” but 23 degrees isn’t chilly; it’s cold, and I do NOT like the cold. With teleworking, I fortunately didn’t have to drive anywhere, but dogs will be dogs, which meant a 7:00 am walk around the yard.

As often happens, a dreaded walk in the cold turned into a […]

Red Growths on Tree Leaves

Well, here’s a new one to me — some sort of red growths on the leaves of this tree. Any one know what these are?

red growths on tree leaves

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Pussywillow Branches in the Mist

We’ve had a nice period of rain here on our Shenandoah Valley farm, so I missed my daily walk around the property. Today I ventured out and endured wet sneakers to see what’s blooming under the gray sky and misty air.

The few blooming daffodils are weighed down with the droplets, and the forsythia looks […]

Trees and Bushes are Budding in Shenandoah

In a few week the lilacs will scent the air. Until then, I have to enjoy the little glimpses of color Mother Nature shares with me.

pussy willow

lilac bud

pink magnolia

forsythia buds

*** This site is comprised solely of the opinions of its author, Stacey […]