Papa’s Dogwood in Bloom

Dogwood Blossoms

Dogwood Blossoms

The tree we planted in memory of my granddad in 2010 is in full bloom, and it’s beautiful!

It has grown quite a bit since we first planted it, and other than losing its top branch in a heavy snowfall, it has lead a pretty easy life.

I’m sharing this photo of the Dogwood today not only because it’s in bloom but because it reminds me of the love of family. We have a relatively small but very close-knit family, and I have reminders around me of each of my loved ones.

I don’t need to see Papa’s Dogwood to think about him, and I don’t need to look at his peace lily to remember him, but those things make me smile every time I see them.

Not farm related, but Dad is having surgery this morning to remove the tumor on his colon. It has shrunk with chemotherapy, but the surgery will still be hard on him. While we wait, ┬áthe three Morgan women will huddle together, try to keep our spirits up, and wait for Dad to wake up. We each place our faith in God, or doctors, or the power of positive thinking…or all three. Please get better soon, Dad. We love you!!

Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood - May 2010

Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood – May 2010


Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood - April 2012

Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood – April 2012

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6 comments to Papa’s Dogwood in Bloom

  • Stacey, about 20 years ago someone doing some clearing close to were we lived, So I ask if I could have the dogwoods I seen there before they cleared them off. I only got 3 of the small ones before they started.So I planted them in our front yard and got 2 of them to live in the middle of summer. They were only 2 to 4 foot tall then. Last time I seen them 1 was 18 feet & the other was 10 feet and very full. I wish more people would try to have some of the trees before they do clearing instead of just clearing off every living thing. It is so sad to see.

  • Penny

    The dogwood is so pretty! I think planting something in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to pay tribute to their significance in our lives. I planted two azalea bushes last year that someone gave our family when my dad passed. And I agree that I don’t need the bushes to remind me of my dad, but it does bring a smile to my heart when I see them.

    I saw on Facebook that your dad made it through his surgery just fine. I am so glad, and I pray he continues to stay strong and heal quickly.

    • Thanks, Penny — we’re all still a bit exhausted, but so happy we could burst!

      I bet the azaleas are just lovely. Are they getting ready to bloom?

      I just love dogwoods. Every house in my parents’ neighborhood in the ‘burbs has at least one or two, either white or pink or both. I hope Papa’s tree continues to thrive!

  • Prince

    Excellent content you got here!

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