Coming out of Hibernation

pepper seedlings

pepper seedlings

I woke up today.

I’m pretty sure I entered what I can only describe as a full-fledged hibernation sometime around November. I snuggled up under the cozy blanket my sister gave me and dozed off. Today I woke up to see March 24, 2013 greet me. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, another tumor and surgery, and the first day of spring have come and gone in a blur. (I owe you some blog posts — I will share soon!

So I spent some time this morning planning the garden using, again, Mother Earth News’ garden planner (which after three seasons, still rocks!) I inventoried the seeds I have while fighting the desire to order more seeds I know I don’t need. I put together an over-sized “Day Planner” style garden planner to track my seed starting. I began to feel alive!

During my seasonal coma, I managed to start pepper seeds, so today I watered the two-week-old pepper seedlings. I’m delighted to see the start of true leaves on some of the little guys. (All of my seed this year is two to three years old, so I planted the seeds thicker than normal.) Jalapenos, cayenne, hot and and sweet bananas, and sweet bells —  72 plants in all.

I then tackled my taxes. I made it through to the final screen of the software, which was an accomplishment. I seem to get more and more paperwork each year, so I didn’t hit the submit button, but I made progress!

As I contemplated heading out to the garden to mark off a bed for potatoes, I realized I woke up too soon. The forecasters were right, and Mother Nature has yet another surprise: a winter storm warning and more snow.

snowy March

snowy March

So it’s time to snuggle back under that blanket, but instead of sleeping, I’m pulling out that seed catalog and dreaming of spring planting, summer gardening, and autumn processing. Hibernation is over. It’s time to grow!

*** This personal blog is comprised solely of the opinions, views, projects, and travels of its author, Stacey Morgan Smith. She is lucky enough to have loving family and friends whom she drags along with her on her adventures and whom she puts to work on her little farm. She uses this blog to help promote living in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, from Roanoke to the Potomac River.**

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