Time to Start the Seeds

pepper seeds ready to cover

pepper seeds ready to cover

I don’t like to be behind, but I’m late on getting my seed starting going. Last year I ordered seeds by January 31st. This year, after a few snafus getting a catalog from my primary supplier, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, I finally have my order in on March 3. A few items I wanted were out of stock, but I found some substitutions.

I have had great success with SESE seeds. The catalog lets me know which are best suited for our area. They also are environmentally friendly. Finally, I am supporting a somewhat local business when I buy from a Virginia seed supplier.

Each year I like to plant a tried-and-true variety of each plant (and I still have some seed left over from last year, so I was good to go on most of those) as well as new trial variety. I’m adding more beans this year, and I hope to turn more of the garden into tomato space. I already have the garlic and some onions planted, so as long as they made it through the winter, I should have what I need for tomato sauces, chili, salsas, and stews. Well, except for the meat, and I’m not quite ready to raise a cow!

I should have started the peppers by now, as well as some of the flowers, but I’ll just have to do what I can. If anything fails, I’ll head over to Gail’s Deauville Farm and pick up seedlings.

I’m adding in vining edible “ornamentals” on an arbor I hope to build at the garden gate. I imagine some pole beans and current tomatoes — beautiful and tasty! We’re also adding more flowers in the hopes of starting to get the ornamental flower beds in shape. They are still a disaster, and I have to start sometime.

So with that, here is this year’s seed order! Keeping in mind, I still have a lot of seeds left over from 2011’s seed order.


  • Lima Bean, Jackson Wonder Butterbean BEAN, LIMA (BUSH)
  • Pole Bean, Kentucky Wonder (Old Homestead) BEAN, SNAP (POLE)
  • Bush Bean, Small Red Bean (Soup, Baking, Dry) (Bush)
  • Bush Bean, Jacob’s Cattle (Trout) Bean (Soup, Baking, Dry) (Bush)
  • Bush Bean, Black Turtle Bean (Soup, Baking, Dry) (Bush)
  • Bush Bean, Blue Lake 274 Snap Bean (Bush)
  • Carrots, Danvers 126 Carrots
  • Cucumber, Homemade Pickles Pickling Cucumber
  • Cucumber, Boston Pickling Pickling Cucumber
  • Hot Pepper, JalapeƱo PEPPER, HOT
  • Sweet Pepper, Sweet Banana (Long Sweet Hungarian) PEPPER, FRYING
  • Sweet Pepper, Golden Calwonder PEPPER, BELL (SWEET)
  • Sweet Pepper, California Wonder PEPPER, BELL (SWEET)
  • Herb, Sweet Genovese Basil
  • Tomato, Old Virginia TOMATO
  • Tomato, Amish Paste TOMATO
  • Tomato, Rutgers (Original Strain) TOMATO
  • Potato, Butte, 1 lb SEED POTATO

Ornamental Edibles:

  • Flower, Scarlet Runner BEAN, RUNNER 42 g
  • Flower, Flax, Scarlet FLOWER
  • Flower, Poppy, Breadseed, Hungarian Blue – Herb
  • Flower, Red Currant TOMATO, CURRANT
  • Flower, Borage – Herb
  • Flower, Purple Hyacinth Bean (ornamental) BEAN, HYACINTH (ORNAMENTAL)

Ornamentals (planted outside of veggie garden)

  • Flower, Cleome (Spider Flower), Queen Mix FLOWER
  • Flower, Strawflower Finest Mixed Colors FLOWER, DRIED
  • Flower, Globe Amaranth, Mixed Color FLOWER, DRIED
  • Flower, Love-in-a-Mist Mixed Colors Nigella FLOWER, DRIED

What are you growing this year?

*** This site is comprised solely of the opinions of its author, Stacey Morgan Smith. She works to promote gardening and tourism in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, from Roanoke to the Potomac River.***

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