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My sister visited over the weekend, so we decided to take a break from gardening and visit a local tourist attraction.

Shenandoah Caverns is an easy walk for most. After an elevator ride 60 feet down, our group was greeted by one of several reminders not to smoke or touch the formations. I’m honestly not quite sure why elves are chosen… or why they are still decked out in red and green in April, but I imagine they appeal to children. Hopefully the greeters will have an impact on those who want a piece of stalactite as a souvenir. As we should all know, when it comes to natural resources, one should “leave only footprints; take only memories.”

One formation in Shenandoah Caverns that they are well known for is commonly called “bacon.” The formations do look a bit like bacon. We also saw, with a little imagination, eggs, carrots, and an ice cream cone.

Our tour was led by a friendly young woman who hit all the cave highlights and talked about the history of the caves. She had a great sense of humor and kept the young children engaged. One young man had apparently had enough of caving and kept asking how many rooms were left. The guide was patient and kept one tuckered out youngster from becoming grumpy.

One note for those tall people — parts of the cave require stooping if you’re over 4’4″. Our guide reminded us to watch our heads, and I don’t think anyone harmed either themselves or the ancient cave formations.

At $22 per person (save $2/each with a AAA discount), the price can add up for a large family, but I thought it was worth the price. I read there are 8 caverns in the Shenandoah Valley. I’ve visited Dixie, Luray, and now Shenandoah. I look forward to Endless, Skyline, Crystal, Natural Bridge, and Grand.

We finished our trip by stopping by Route 11 Potato Chip Factory. Again, we missed the cooking, but we picked up another mini sample box of 10 bags of chips for $10. Not to be missed!

*** This site is comprised solely of the opinions of its author, Stacey Morgan Smith. She works to promote gardening and tourism in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, from Roanoke to the Potomac River.***

2 comments to Shenandoah Caverns – Things to Do

  • Thank you for the wonderful comments about our Family of Attractions! We are glad you had a good time and invite you back anytime. Our little elves are also called Cave Pixies : )
    I really enjoy your pictures of flowers, and am tempted to come cut Lilacs as you suggested.
    Allison, Director of Marketing at Shenandoah Caverns

  • Stacey Morgan Smith

    Thanks, Allison! I’m sure I’ll be back with more family and friends.

    I’m glad you enjoy the flowers. I really like living in the valley, and every day something new seems to bloom :)

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