The Kindness of Strangers and Pyrex

Pink Pyrex

Pink Pyrex

Recently a reader of my blog sent me a nice note through the contact form. I didn’t get her permission to use her name, so I’ll just use her initials — L.H. Here is her note: “i found your site while sniffing out meyer lemon marmalade recipes. you have great photos and sound sensibilities; this coming from a farmer-girl living in the midst of more-is-better orange county, ca. i am slightly obsessed with living in virginia…growing and canning and composting. your pages have made it look so plausible and enjoyable that you may soon suffer an influx of californians similar to the seattle migration. with regards to pyrex…may i send you a piece or two? somehow i just need to give them to you.”

This is one of the nicest notes I’ve received from a blog reader, and it made me smile when I was having a tough day.

When I returned home from working in the city last week, a large box was tucked under the carport. I was “tickled pink” when I opened it and found four vintage Pyrex dishes, three in one of my favorite patterns — pink gooseberry! I also love the casserole rectangular shape, so I know I will get a lot of use out of these lovely new additions to my collection.

Thank you, L.H., for a kind word and a generous gift. I remember every piece I own, and I know where I found each. Yours were the first that found me. Thank you!

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