Tomato Hornworms Glowing in the Dark

hornworm under blacklight

I learned from another Master Gardener Volunteer that tomato and tobacco hornworms actually glow in the dark under blacklight.  Armed with this knowledge and a cheap blacklight from Amazon, I took a little trip out to the veggie garden this evening for a most gruesome task… dispatching the hornworms munching on […]

Why do I Try to Grow Tomatoes in Virginia


It’s a steamy August here in the mid Atlantic, and the garden is still plugging along. Some great production and some not so great — the cucumbers are slowing down, the onions were tiny, the garlic harvest was great, and the peppers have flourished.

The tomatoes… well, they’re hanging in there! I try to […]

Last Vegetable Harvest of 2011

Frost is on its way, so I picked the remaining peppers (banana, sweet, jalapeno, and cayenne) and green tomatoes, along with one lone red tomato.  Still have some pole beans to shell, but I fell a week ago, and my back is still hurting, so I’m not up for it yet. Hopefully I’ll get to […]

Today’s Harvest – Tomatoes, Cukes, Peppers

This morning I picked lots of tomatoes, pickling cukes, green peppers, and banana peppers. Found the first cayenne and jalapenos. Pinched out the basil and lemon verbena. Even have a few tiny everbearing strawberries the birds didn’t get!!

I was out of town during the recent heatwave, and it was 103 in Northern Virginia, where […]

Today’s Harvest – Cucumbers, Peppers, and Tomatoes

Yay! We’re finally getting yummy veggies out of our garden.

cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes

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