Wordless Wednesday – Purple Weed

purple weed

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Bladder Campion – Unidentified Bulbous Wildflower

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to identify these pretty little flowers. I noticed them at the edge of the forest. A kind reader of backyardgardener.com was able to share that it is a bladder campion, or Silene Vulgaris.

Bladder Campion

Bladder Campion closeup

*** This personal blog is comprised solely […]

Milkweed – Unidentified Leafy Plant

I have something growing in my gardens…and I don’t know what it is! I cut a few that were coming up in my new sweet pea bed, but I’m letting the rest go until I figure out

what they are if they flower and if I want to keep them.

If you can help with […]

White Weed or White Wildflower

The gardening adage that a weed is just a plant growing in the wrong place is really true in our yard. This white flower has spread into a large patch a few feet wide and deep. I’m sure it’s just a weed, but it’s kind of pretty. Please let me know what it is!

Bleeding Heart – Another Mystery Solved

This plant stumped me when it first made an appearance. It’s in mostly full sun, which I thought bleeding hearts don’t like, but it’s doing well so far.

It’s a pretty pink flower. It’s planted on the the Southwest corner of the barn. I thought the only things there were bushes, so this was a […]