Pussywillow Blooming in the Valley

Our pussywillow is blooming — that’s the first little bit of spring we’ve really seen here on our little ridge in the Shenandoah Valley. Yeah, I don’t actually know that “blooming” is the right description, but the little buds have opened up, and now the tree is covered in furry little tips. I never had […]

Mimosa Trees Blooming

These trees smell lovely! Yes, I know they are non-native invasives. I try to only plant native trees, but it was already here, and I’m enjoying it and controlling its spread.

mimosa tree

mimosa flowers

mimosa blossoms

mimosa flower blossom tips

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Papa’s Dogwood in Bloom

Dogwood Blossoms

The tree we planted in memory of my granddad in 2010 is in full bloom, and it’s beautiful!

It has grown quite a bit since we first planted it, and other than losing its top branch in a heavy snowfall, it has lead a pretty easy life.

I’m sharing this photo […]

More Eastern Redbuds

I just can’t get enough of these beautiful trees. I even found a small sapling at the edge of our property today!

Eastern Redbud Closeup

Eastern Redbud Trees

Eastern Redbuds

More Eastern Redbuds

Eastern Redbud Path

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Bloomin Fruit Trees in Virginia’s Mountains

Our overgrown and poorly maintained fruit trees are in full bloom, and the bees are having a field day!

We haven’t had time to rein in the fruit. I’ve trimmed one of our peaches, trying to bring it a little under control, but with its multiple trunks, it looks like it was never well maintained. […]