Snowy Allegheny Mountain View

I really hope this is the last time I have a snowy view this season. I love the first pretty snowfalls in Autumn, but by the end of February, I am done. To see this in Spring? No fun!


Allegheny Snowy Mountains

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Daffodils in the Snow

daffodils in snow

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Shenandoah Valley Spring Break Snow Storm

Yep, more snow in March! Nine more inches of white fluffy stuff while a lot of students are on spring break. I don’t think you need more words to see that it’s snow, so enjoy if you are a snow lover!

snowy peach

snowy willow

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What Sandy Left Behind

snowy mountains closeup

A hurricane in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley is always a big event. When that hurricane lasts days, stretches for 500 miles, and hits a cold front, it makes history.

Hurricane (and later tropical storm) Sandy made her presence known Saturday October 27th as the first bands of clouds began to descend on […]

Mid Winter Shenandoah Valley Snowfall

February’s mid-winter snowfall is lovely! Early in the day, the snow still in the air gives everything a blue tint. Later, the world is vintage black and white.

I am blessed to have such beauty around me.┬áNo matter what is wrong in the world, I’m at peace at home.

Snowy Sideyard

Snowy Magnolia […]