Reorganizing Seed Packets in the Snow

previously organized seed packets

We’ve had one whopper of a snowstorm this year, as well as several smaller snowfalls. We had over two feet during the first real snow of the year!

I love the first snow, even if it’s a lot, especially when it comes on the heels of an 80-degree Christmas. I […]

Coming out of Hibernation

pepper seedlings

I woke up today.

I’m pretty sure I entered what I can only describe as a full-fledged hibernation┬ásometime around November. I snuggled up under the cozy blanket my sister gave me and dozed off. Today I woke up to see March 24, 2013 greet me. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, another tumor and […]

Time to Start the Seeds

pepper seeds ready to cover

I don’t like to be behind, but I’m late on getting my seed starting going. Last year I ordered seeds by January 31st. This year, after a few snafus getting a catalog from my primary supplier, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, I finally have my order in on March 3. […]

2011 Starting Seed Inventory


While I’m waiting for my Southern Exposure Seed Exchange seed order, I finally finished the inventory of my seeds. I should have done this in December, but at least it’s complete.

Seed Organization

I’m pretty organized with my seeds. I use small, clear “check envelopes” to store them. I’m pretty sure I picked […]

Mission Accomplished – Seed Orders In

wire shelving

I managed to get the bulk of my seeds ordered by my self-imposed January 31st deadline…and I did it with 15 minutes to spare! I’m not generally a procrastinator, but this year time is just slipping away from me.

The Setup.

Our old metal shelving was reassigned when we moved last year, […]