Pink Magnolia Blooms in the Shenandoah Valley

I love these pink blooms, and I took some pictures today at lunch before the wind and snow wreak havoc on their beauty.

Yep — a storm is a comin’, and there’s a chance of snow here in the Shenandoah Valley. (This winter is holding on with jagged claws!)

This is the season of yellow […]

Spring Plants and Flowers Leaping to Life

The upside of a long, cold, dark winter is that spring is even more lovely when it finally appears. In the last few days the signs of life remind me why we chose this little ridgetop in the far western part of the state. It’s cold and windy, but it’s also absolutely beautiful when the […]

Spring Flowering in Shenandoah

A few days of warmth, and all of the plants are showing off. We also have a couple of brown thrashers searching for mates. I didn’t know how much they sound like mockingbirds, but the pair we have pick high spots and sing all day long.

I thought I’d share a few pics with you […]

Late Spring versus Early Spring in Shenandoah

Winter is hanging on this year! As we cleared more brush today from those long-neglected flower beds, there was still a distinct chill in the air. In the sun, it wasn’t too bad, but working in the shadow was downright cold!

Last year we had an unseasonably early warmup..and this year it’s unseasonably late. ┬áCheck […]

Spring I Tell Ya!

I swear it’s spring. 70 degree days…flower buds trying to burst…fuzzy pussywillows… So why does the calendar say March 13? Is it some cruel joke? Will another April Fool’s Snow ruin all of this precious life? Let’s hope not. In the meantime, I choose to believe it’s spring!

pussywillow buds

magnolia buds