It’s a Small Small World With the Power of Pinterest

Just a little reminder of how little this big, old world can seem.

On a visit to my sister, her hair stylist fit us in late in the evening for hair cuts. As we are sitting there talking, she asked how I stored my canned goods and if I had thought about painting the edges […]

New Shelves in our Root and Canning Cellar

Well, our annual revamp of the root cellar is complete! I love it a bit more with each improvement, and I make plans for the next improvement before the current improvement is done. You can see our first renovation and second renovation at each link. See below the picture for more details, and the bottom […]

Earthquake (or Tremor) Proofing the Root Cellar

**UPDATE — Click to see our latest renovation, in the fall of 2012!**

Last week I posted about our root cellar renovations¬†on our little farm here in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

This week we made an adjustment — we added a lip to the edge of each shelf to help prevent the jars from slipping […]

Evolution…of a Root Cellar

root cellar

Thanksgiving eve was a wish come true for me this year. With hubby leading the charge, we again renovated our cluttered and inefficient root cellar to better suit our needs. Ranger Tim does not enjoy handyman work, but he spent three hours with me emptying, cleaning, adding shelves, and arranging jars of […]