Shenandoah Valley Plants Ready for Spring

Plants are starting to grow up here on our little mountain ridge!

The weeds are probably doing best, but the perennials are also making a decent showing.

The daffodils, as usual, were the first to break ground, but the achillea and chamomile weren’t far behind!

I’m also happy to see the garlic doing well (though needing […]

Spring Color Starting to Show

I’m stretching here when I say we are seeing color, but I am really ready for lilacs, daffodils, and peach blossoms. From a hint of purple on the double-flowered lilac to a blush of blue on glory of the snow, I had to hunt high and low to see spring, but I did find a […]

Late Spring versus Early Spring in Shenandoah

Winter is hanging on this year! As we cleared more brush today from those long-neglected flower beds, there was still a distinct chill in the air. In the sun, it wasn’t too bad, but working in the shadow was downright cold!

Last year we had an unseasonably early warmup..and this year it’s unseasonably late. ┬áCheck […]

Pussywillow Blooming in the Valley

Our pussywillow is blooming — that’s the first little bit of spring we’ve really seen here on our little ridge in the Shenandoah Valley. Yeah, I don’t actually know that “blooming” is the right description, but the little buds have opened up, and now the tree is covered in furry little tips. I never had […]

Pussywillow Branches in the Mist

We’ve had a nice period of rain here on our Shenandoah Valley farm, so I missed my daily walk around the property. Today I ventured out and endured wet sneakers to see what’s blooming under the gray sky and misty air.

The few blooming daffodils are weighed down with the droplets, and the forsythia looks […]