Baby Fruit Season in Shenandoah

We have a lot of little baby fruits growing around the place. I still have so much to learn about taking care of our babies, and with all of my priorities this year, I’m OK sharing them with the wildlife. I still manage to get a lot of black raspberries and quite a few grapes. […]

Bloomin Fruit Trees in Virginia’s Mountains

Our overgrown and poorly maintained fruit trees are in full bloom, and the bees are having a field day!

We haven’t had time to rein in the fruit. I’ve trimmed one of our peaches, trying to bring it a little under control, but with its multiple trunks, it looks like it was never well maintained. […]

Yellow Plum – Looking Forward to Summer!

I don’t hold out hope to identify the individual varieties of fruit trees we have, but I would love to add more of these plum trees. I only got one (yes, one!!!) plum off of the tree because most of them turned dark purple and fuzzy and dropped from the tree. The flavor was sweet, […]