Getting the Flower Farm Up and Running


I’ve been a business owner. I made a decent living carting my beadwork throughout Virginia every fall for eight or so years. I enjoyed meeting the people who loved and collected my work, but giving up my fall weekends (my favorite time of year) to stand behind a booth for two days was […]

Tansy – Another New-to-Me Flower in the Garden

The walls of “the barn” are covered in nails, which are the perfect spots to hang flowers to dry. These yellow flowers look like they would make nice dried flowers or cut flowers.

They look like Tansy to me and this botanical drawing seems to support it, but I’ve not been able to verify by […]

Common Tawny Daylily or Tigerlily

common tawny daylily

The daylilies near the basement entrance have finally bloomed!

I was so happy to see the bright orange blooms amongst the overgrown garden of weeds and mints.

They’ve also spread through the gardens to a few other locations, including the gardens that the forest have reclaimed and the sloped garden near […]

Blue Dayflower

blue dayflower blooming

Hard to Identify

I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last two weeks trying to identify these pretty little flowers.There are one or two little clumps in the garden that edges our lane. They’re very low growing, so I didn’t notice them at first, but they’ve bloomed […]


red and white poppies

When we moved in to our home, we found a few pictures of the gardens in full bloom. We haven’t been able to identify the photograph location of several of the photos, but one shows beautiful red-and-white poppies.

dried giant poppy pods

Another hint that we might someday see […]