Blooming Today in the Shenandoah Valley

After that bleak winter, the farm is still exploding with pretty blooms! I’ve added a few new plants, thanks to shopping with Mom and NSVMGA’s annual Garden Fest. In fact, I’m having a hard time making myself work in the vegetable garden because I just want to weed and plan and add more pretty bloomers.


Peonies Blooming

I know I owe you several updates about our flowers blooming here in in the Shenandoah Valley, so let’s start with the peonies! I’m actually cutting them and enjoying them in the house in the year. The reasons are twofold — 1) the blooms suffer in the heat and sudden downpours and 2) the flowers […]

Spring Plants and Flowers Leaping to Life

The upside of a long, cold, dark winter is that spring is even more lovely when it finally appears. In the last few days the signs of life remind me why we chose this little ridgetop in the far western part of the state. It’s cold and windy, but it’s also absolutely beautiful when the […]

Pretty Pink – and White and Magenta – Peonies

We have a couple of dozen peonies. I don’t know the name of a single one (except for a new one I’m adding), but they are all lovely. Most are a dark pink color with almost no scent. ┬áThe whites, of which there are two, smell lovely — that perfect peony fragrance. The last petals […]

Spring Flowering in Shenandoah

A few days of warmth, and all of the plants are showing off. We also have a couple of brown thrashers searching for mates. I didn’t know how much they sound like mockingbirds, but the pair we have pick high spots and sing all day long.

I thought I’d share a few pics with you […]