Baby Fruit Season in Shenandoah

We have a lot of little baby fruits growing around the place. I still have so much to learn about taking care of our babies, and with all of my priorities this year, I’m OK sharing them with the wildlife. I still manage to get a lot of black raspberries and quite a few grapes. […]

Spring Flowering in Shenandoah

A few days of warmth, and all of the plants are showing off. We also have a couple of brown thrashers searching for mates. I didn’t know how much they sound like mockingbirds, but the pair we have pick high spots and sing all day long.

I thought I’d share a few pics with you […]

Bloomin Fruit Trees in Virginia’s Mountains

Our overgrown and poorly maintained fruit trees are in full bloom, and the bees are having a field day!

We haven’t had time to rein in the fruit. I’ve trimmed one of our peaches, trying to bring it a little under control, but with its multiple trunks, it looks like it was never well maintained. […]

Spring I Tell Ya!

I swear it’s spring. 70 degree days…flower buds trying to burst…fuzzy pussywillows… So why does the calendar say March 13? Is it some cruel joke? Will another April Fool’s Snow ruin all of this precious life? Let’s hope not. In the meantime, I choose to believe it’s spring!

pussywillow buds

magnolia buds

Taste Testing Home Canned Peaches

It’s cold today in the Shenandoah Valley. It’s supposed to get up to 50, but my thermometer won’t budge past 40, so my plans of putting in the garlic and shallots is postponed till tomorrow.

I’m full of plans this time of year, and one of those involves maximizing my canning for next year. I’m […]