Spring Color Starting to Show

I’m stretching here when I say we are seeing color, but I am really ready for lilacs, daffodils, and peach blossoms. From a hint of purple on the double-flowered lilac to a blush of blue on glory of the snow, I had to hunt high and low to see spring, but I did find a […]

Spring Flowering in Shenandoah

A few days of warmth, and all of the plants are showing off. We also have a couple of brown thrashers searching for mates. I didn’t know how much they sound like mockingbirds, but the pair we have pick high spots and sing all day long.

I thought I’d share a few pics with you […]

Purple Flowers Blooming – Periwinkle and Grape Hyacinth

More spring making a showing this morning. Hoping we are finally done with snow for the season!

grape hyacinth


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Spring has Sprung in the Lower Shenandoah Valley


A chill wind was blowing today in Roanoke, Virginia, but the trees and plants weren’t hiding their buds. The early Spring weather and warmer-than-usual nights brought early leaves and flowers.

Mom and Dad moved us to Roanoke when I was a junior in high school, way back in 1990. That’s when NorfolkSouthern consolidated […]

Spring Bulbs Blooming in Shenandoah

It’s amazing what can happen in a couple of days!

I try to walk around the yard daily, but I’ve been working pretty long hours in the office this week, so I missed a lot. This evening I saw the first yellow daffodils, the first pink blush of hyacinth, and the first bright blue of […]