A Bouquet of Dozen Roses & Garlic Scapes

garlic scape bouquet

They might look like something out of a science-fiction movie, but I always think of Morticia Adams when I see garlic scapes —  a bouquet of curvy, skinny stems with a garlicky scent and flavor . A woman who loved the stems more than the roses would certainly love the scapes […]

Garlic Harvest

I dug my first garlic harvest! I’ve tried several times to grow garlic, and this is my first year with a successful harvest. The green parts of the plants had yellowed and died back on most of them. I used a fork to loosen the soil, which popped up the bulbs. I hit a few […]

Garlic and Onions Growing

The garlic, onions, and shallots all are growing nicely! All of the cloves were planted November 6th, so this is four months of growth in a mild winter. The empty spaces in the below pictures are for spring-planted crops. Looking forward to good salsa this year, with all ingredients grown here on the farm.

Garlic Planting Time in the Shenandoah Valley

Frost-Killed Pepper Plants

It’s garlic planting time in our part of the Shenandoah Valley. Last week’s “Snowtober” storm and several hard freezes left the vegetable garden almost completely bereft of life. Some of the ornamental sages are hanging on as are some of the culinary herbs, but other than some shriveled beans that (still) […]