Harpers Statuary in Harrisonburg Virginia

Harpers Statuary

Sometimes a picture speaks louder than words.

While looking for a nursery two weeks ago, I spotted Harper’s Statuary and Water Gardens. Saturday I grabbed my strong hubby and headed to Harrisonburg to look for a bench for the new herb garden.

Words fail me. Everywhere you look, you see hundreds of […]

Coming out of Hibernation

pepper seedlings

I woke up today.

I’m pretty sure I entered what I can only describe as a full-fledged hibernation┬ásometime around November. I snuggled up under the cozy blanket my sister gave me and dozed off. Today I woke up to see March 24, 2013 greet me. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, another tumor and […]

2011 Vegetable Garden Evolution

The July sun is starting to beat hard on the garden, and we’re supplementing Mother Nature with a little well water and rain barrel collection. Click on any of the pictures to see them a little larger.

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The Problem With Gardening…

The problem with gardening is when you’re doing it, there isn’t much time to write about it!!

The Shenandoah Valley hurricane…

the evolution of the garden…

the huckleberries, June berries, black raspberries, daylilies…

I’m collecting pictures and jotting notes, and as soon as I get a rainy day when I’m not working, I’ll get caught […]

Vegetable Garden Planner from Mother Earth News

Tonight I played around with Mother Earth News’ Vegetable Garden Planner, an online tool that allows you to “design your best garden ever.” It’s a versatile tool that allows you to figure out every detail of your garden.

new plan


After an easy login and email verification process (and it seems most reputable […]