Baby Fruit Season in Shenandoah

We have a lot of little baby fruits growing around the place. I still have so much to learn about taking care of our babies, and with all of my priorities this year, I’m OK sharing them with the wildlife. I still manage to get a lot of black raspberries and quite a few grapes. […]

Bloomin Fruit Trees in Virginia’s Mountains

Our overgrown and poorly maintained fruit trees are in full bloom, and the bees are having a field day!

We haven’t had time to rein in the fruit. I’ve trimmed one of our peaches, trying to bring it a little under control, but with its multiple trunks, it looks like it was never well maintained. […]

Black Raspberries – Today’s Harvest

Today’s harvest is about three quarts of wild black raspberries (two are seen in the below picture).

The fruit are tiny compared to those gorgeous gems that are grown for market, but the taste is completely unique. The flavor of a sun-warmed black raspberry is somewhere between a raspberry and a blackberry — raspberry flavor […]

Yellow Plum – Looking Forward to Summer!

I don’t hold out hope to identify the individual varieties of fruit trees we have, but I would love to add more of these plum trees. I only got one (yes, one!!!) plum off of the tree because most of them turned dark purple and fuzzy and dropped from the tree. The flavor was sweet, […]

Blueberries Ordered for 2011

Once again I have to thank Virginia Tech for publishing their wonderful literature on growing plants in Virginia. I took a botany class while I was at Tech, and I still have our textbook: the Master Gardener handbook. I rarely crack it open, though, because I can find so much useful information just by Googling […]