Late Spring versus Early Spring in Shenandoah

Winter is hanging on this year! As we cleared more brush today from those long-neglected flower beds, there was still a distinct chill in the air. In the sun, it wasn’t too bad, but working in the shadow was downright cold!

Last year we had an unseasonably early warmup..and this year it’s unseasonably late.  Check […]

Papa’s Dogwood in Bloom

Dogwood Blossoms

The tree we planted in memory of my granddad in 2010 is in full bloom, and it’s beautiful!

It has grown quite a bit since we first planted it, and other than losing its top branch in a heavy snowfall, it has lead a pretty easy life.

I’m sharing this photo of […]

Signs of Life in a Winter Garden

Signs of active plant life make the farm instantly seem more alive. I was a little down this morning when I went out for a walk with the dog. It’s a pretty dreary day: cold, misty, and foggy. Fortunately I was treated to little clues that even though it’s only February, spring is only a […]

Arbor Day – Papa’s Dogwood Joins the Farm

Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood

As we discover what is growing here, we also hit on the realization that there a lot of holes we can fill. In addition to the missing redbuds I mentioned in an earlier post, we also appear to have no dogwoods on our little flower farm.

When I went looking […]