Edible Flower Cookies in Winter

Have you taught yourself something new recently? Had anything you’ve always wanted to learn how to do and finally decided to treat yourself with learning it?

master gardener flowers

I did it! I’m decorating cookies…flower cookies!

I’ve collected cookie cutters for as long as I can remember. I have a HUGE plastic box full of […]

I Made Bagels

There is something to be said for the skill of joining, boiling, and baking bagels. It’s a skill I don’t really have, but they still taste good, and that’s all that matters! I made bagels! I may try everything next. I love that combo :-)

Autumn is just a great time of year to bake […]

Baking Laurie’s Scones a Little Lighter

Laurie’s scone

There’s something special about recipes. They are shared and with that passage of a piece of paper from friend to friend, a bond is deepened. Suddenly a person becomes a part of your world, possibly for the rest of your life. When that recipe is shared again, it can make its way around […]

Happy 58th Birthday Dad with Hummingbird Cake

Every year we celebrate birthdays in our families. We aren’t always together, but we always talk by phone, send a card, or get together a week or so before or after. Mom and Dad decided to visit the farm Saturday, so I got up early in the morning to make cupcakes for Dad’s birthday.

By the […]