Sour Cherries Picked Today!

Hubby and I picked 9 pounds of sour cherries at Hartland Orchard (in Markham, Virginia) today. I haven’t picked cherries since I was a kid, so I’m not sure how far I’ll get with 9 pounds, but I’m hoping for some jam, more pie filling, and at least one fresh cobbler! Wish me luck :-)

sour cherries

sour cherries

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2 comments to Sour Cherries Picked Today!

  • Athanasia

    We had a terrible cherry crop this year so I only got one quart of sour cherries into the freezer. We don’t pick,
    my husband drives a couple hours to an orchard in fall that is in the area of his fall camping trip. When he leaves
    he packs up the cooler with pails of frozen unsweetened pitted sour cherries. When they arrive home I quickly
    break them apart and repack into quart freezer bags and zip them down to the deep freeze. We try to get enough
    for at least 12 pies, 1 a month.

    We had a cherry pie at Thanksgiving which was saved from last year. When we heard how dire the crop situation
    was I did not use it Labor Day weekend as it was intended for. So now I have one quart in the freezer waiting for
    just the right get-together. It will have to be one where all the children are home, that is for sure. My husband
    wanted a cherry pie so bad in October that he brought me home a can of cherry pie filling.

    Just a question…I just started reading blog today…and as you can see I am going back through old entries. I
    can’t find the comments on them, and some I can’t find anyway to leave a comment. I love the picture of your house,
    it must be fabulous looking out from all those porches. Are you in a warm area? Snow? I have been in Virginia
    a couple times but only in the summer.

    • The sweet cherries here were hit hard. I think cherries in general had a hard season, but hopefully next year will be better. I’m trying to put up for two years at a time just for such situations. I really enjoy picking cherries. Our little tree gets just a couple. I guess we need to add more of those trees soon!

      Glad you like the house — it’s really the perfect fit for us. We are in a cool part of Virginia (6b if you garden), but we get a fair bit of warmth in the summer. Search the blog for snow and you’ll see some of our snowy pics. Thanks for letting me know about the comments. I’ll try to find the problem. Thanks for stopping by — take care!

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