Planning for Canning

Well, as Tim says, when I get into something, I jump in with both feet! As I mentioned in a few other posts, I grew up canning, and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time putting up fruits and veggies over the years. Now that we’re in a home with enough storage space (and sunny areas for gardening), I’m back in the “putting up” mood. Thus far I’ve only ventured back into the relatively safe jams, jellies, and tomatoes, but I’ve had a pressure canner for 5 years, and I’m finally planning to move up to “the big leagues” of stews, chilis, and soups.

So to save a few bucks, I keep my eye on Craig’s List for canning jars, and last week I picked up 144 or so jars for $50…a steal when you consider 30 of the jars are the wonderful half-gallon size (and regular mouth, which aren’t made anymore). While I can’t use those for canning (due to their size, only high-acid juices like grape are safe to can in that size), they are great for storing dry goods.

As for the other jars? Well, hopefully next year this time the pantry will be fully stocked with quarts of hearty soups, tomato sauces, and sliced fruits. There’s something satisying about the whole putting up process and knowing our family is eating local foods with no strange additives or preservatives.

So who wants to help? ;)

canning jars

canning jars

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