Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs in the Shenandoah Valley

mighy oak

mighty oak

You know how when you move into a house, you start making lists… lists of what you need to buy, plant, do, fix, etc? I have a bunch of those lists.

One list addresses the fixes we want to make to the exterior of the house. Today I realized that I’ve missed a couple of things on my list, and in my case, they are things I look at every day, but I don’t always see.

Two Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs grace our home. They are weathered and faded, but they are still lovely signs that I see very time I walk into the home. It only took me a year and a half to learn more about them.

The sign on the second-floor deck, over the door to my office, is the “Mighty Oak.” describes it as: “”The Oak Leaf or Mighty Oak is made up of four oak leaves in bold colors radiating from the center. The Oak symbolizes strength in body, mind and character. The four colors of the leaves symbolize the seasons of life and the wavy border in the outer ring symbolizes smooth sailing in life.”” I think that’s beautiful!

sun rain fertility

sun rain fertility

The other symbol is over our front door, also on the second floor deck. According to it’s called “Sun, Rain and Fertility, featuring a large, eight-pointed star with a stylized “sun” center. The sun warms mother earth and lights our lives. Rain drops, shown in an endless circle, provide the unending moisture critical to life on earth. Together they provide all God’s people with a bountiful harvest and renewed life. Overall, this design offers abundance in field, barn and home.”

I don’t know what to do with them, which is another reason I haven’t removed them. Should I put them up into my office/studio without any changes? Should I paint them to try to bring back their original beauty…or is faded with age its own kind of beauty? What would you do?

For now, our little Pennsylvania Dutch “Shenandoah Valley” Hex Signs are going to stay where they are. If you’d like to add some to your home, check the below options.

mighty oak dutch hex

mighty oak hex

sun rain fertility dutch hex

sun rain fertility hex


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