More Bushes and Trees Blooming in Shenandoah

I’m thrilled to see that the bushes that I *thought* were lilacs…ARE lilacs. Unfortunately the lilacs around the north and west side of the house don’t get a great deal of sun. That and the fact that they weren’t pruned last year…well, I don’t know what to expect in terms of blooms. It does seem that the lilacs have easily seeded, though, and those at the edge of the yard have received enough sun to put forth a good strong push for bloom. I’m looking forward to April or May and the sweet lilac scent wafting through the house!

Another bush is blooming and I think it’s a magnolia of some sort. It’s a beautiful dark red with a purple tint.  I grew up with the huge magnolias with the creamy “lemony” leaves surrounding the town hall in my hometown. My dad was a fireman, and the fire station was next door to the trees. I remember plucking the wonderful petals off the ground and sitting on the brick wall and smelling them. The smell of those magnolias make me feel like I’m 5 years old again. Might have to find somewhere for one!

The forsythia is also blooming. I love that it’s pretty much wild and unformed. We’ll have to prune it back a bit because some of its branches are reaching out into the lane. This guy appears to have sent out lots of little forsythia seedlings to edge the property. I may transplant some of them into this bed to balance it out and have one huge yellow spot of sun as we enter the drive.

The pussywillow, which I didn’t know bloomed…has bloomed. The plant was gorgeous the week before… a perfect floral specimen. I thought I might cut some and dry it, but I missed my opportunity. Next year the pussywillow will be cut as soon as I notice it. It’s funny to me how fast this guy went from dormant to buds to blooms. Not wasting time! Maybe it will father a few more pussywillows around the property.

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