Lambs – Wordless Wednesday

Neighbor Sheep

Neighbor Sheep

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2 comments to Lambs – Wordless Wednesday

  • Penny

    Heeeeeey – I recognize those critters :) I’ve rescued many of them over the years that have escaped the fencing, and a few that have gotten their heads stuck in fencing openings. Cute little buggers!

    • I have noticed they definitely are of the “grass is greener on the other side” mindset :-) We also rescued one that escaped, or at least we chased it back from up near 42 so its owner could catch it. I’m so silly when I drive by. I put on the hazards and drive slow so I can watch all of the cuteness. So adorable as they bound around the field!

      I hope to have goats and chickens at some point. I have to start with the veggies and flowers first!!

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