If it Looks Like a Hyacinth – Wood Hyacinth

Now that the irises are blooming, the daffodils are going to seed (because I haven’t deadheaded them all), and the tulips are starting to fade, I have a late-blooming bulb that is making a brilliant blue showing.

It looks like a hyacinth — similar leaves, growth habit, and appearance when the flower stalk first emerges — but as much as I Googled, I was unable to find a similar version. It looks a little like wild hyacinth, so for now, I’m calling it my pretty-blue-bell hyacinth.

UPDATE: It happens that someone posted a query on the Garden Web forums about Hyacinthoides Hispanica, or wood hyacinth, and a subsequent image search shows that my image matches! Another farm resident identified!!

hyacinth-like flower

hyacinth-like flower

hyacinth-like flower closeup

hyacinth-like flower closeup

Hyacinthoides hispanica

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