Hokie in ‘Hoo Country for Surgery

dad pre surgery

Dad pre surgery

3:45 am. Yep, that’s evidently a real time. I know this because my sister finally succeeded in waking me up for good at our little hotel room this morning. After an early bedtime I had hoped to get a decent night’s sleep, but evidently Lisa doesn’t sleep well when she’s worried…which meant I didn’t get to sleep well.

Dad is in surgery now.

We arrived at the UVA Medical Center at 4:45 this morning. After some family time, a huddle, and a lot of hugs, Mom and Dad retreated upstairs to the pre-op area. They brought Mom back at 7:30, and Dad headed out to the operating room to meet Dr. Adams and his surgical staff for a liver resection.

I shared Dad’s colon cancer in December. The word “cancer” brought out the worst thoughts when the diagnosis was first discovered. After a few months of therapy, he had a┬álaparoscopic colectomy in April. 20 inches of colon, some lymph nodes, and a tumor lighter, he had an easy recovery from the surgery.

More chemo and multiple MRIs led to today. Dr. Adams, dad’s specialist, is just about past the middle of a six-to-eight (or more) hour surgery to resect the diseased and damaged portions of Dad’s liver.

The liver is a pretty amazing organ; it will regrow when it loses tissue. It doesn’t regenerate in the traditional sense, but if up to 75% is removed, the remaining lobes will enlarge, and full liver function can return. Dad should have 40 to 50% of his liver left, which is about double the minimum required.

So we wait. Three women who love one man with all of their hearts. Dad and Mom are strong in their faith, so the family huddle this morning led to a quick prayer. Dad, ever the strong man of the family, prayed only that the three Morgan women get through the day OK. Mom quickly threw in a little prayer for Dad, so I think we’re covered :-)

Depending on who you are, if you could send some positive thoughts, lift up some prayers, or share some positive energy, Dad and the Morgan ladies would appreciate it. Together we are a strong unit, and every bit more helps.

Oh, and Dad may kill me for posting that picture, but I think it’s classic Dad. He always has a smile on his face unless someone hurts one of his daughters. He can get pretty riled up then. (Remember that if you think my sister is cute!!)


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