Garlic Harvest

I dug my first garlic harvest! I’ve tried several times to grow garlic, and this is my first year with a successful harvest. The green parts of the plants had yellowed and died back on most of them. I used a fork to loosen the soil, which popped up the bulbs. I hit a few — I’m still learning!! I still have a couple dozen or so that are still fully green, so they are still in the ground.

I also dug the shallots, but it’s possible I pulled them out of the ground a little early. They flowered, and from what I read, the flower heads are normal. I didn’t find anything that said I should cut them (like the garlic scapes), so I let them go. Should I have let them die back? Should I have cut the stalks? I don’t know — I must not have looked at the right resources!

The garlic, though, is gorgeous. I have a nice variety of bulb size, with some beautiful large ones.

I’m letting both the shallots and garlic cure out in the covered side of the porch. We opened doors on either end so there is good flow, and I move it to keep it out of the sun during the day. Within two weeks it should be ready, and then I can clean off the dirt and remove the outermost papers.

I’d love any tips or sources you can share for growing garlic. I hope to keep the cycle going — plant, harvest, eat some / save some / plant some.

garlic and shallots

garlic and shallots

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  • You pretty much got it. I have been doing garlic for three years. The first 2 years planted right in the ground. (with added good stuff of course). This year I built a 4X8 raised bed and what a difference. I pulled them after they turn brown and flop over, than cure them with air able to get to each bulb. I use large bread racks and they work great. I have stored the garlic in baskets and containers that keep the air flow able to get to the garlic. Love reading this site and happy gardening from Western New York!

    • Scotty, great idea on the bread racks. I didn’t have too much garlic this year, so I used an old window screen. It has been wonderful, and I’m already looking over my favorite supplier to put together this year’s order. We have 4 x 8 raised beds, too! Thanks for the compliments — enjoy the rest of your season!! – Stacey

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