First Seed Order for 2010

I always overdo it on seed orders. I truly do, especially since I plan to direct seed everything this year. (The thought of seed starting just seems overwhelming with everything else we have planned to do at our new home. Though I do love it and have had great success in the past… Next year!)

I’m focusing on cut flowers. After all, this place was a flower farm, right? The previous owner did some pick your own, it seems, and I’ve seen the business name advertised in floral directories, so cut flowers it is.

And the winner of the first order of the year goes to Renee’s Garden Seeds. I love this company. I previously ordered from them when I lived in Appomattox. The seeds had a great germination rate and they have fast shipping. Besides the fact that their prices are decent, their packaging is absolutely lovely and, even more important, really informative.

My first order is sweet pea heavy. My mom loves sweet peas – says it reminds her of her grandmother’s garden, so why not try to bring some special joy to the woman who taught me to garden? I focused mostly on scent but did get a few for show.

Cosmos, zinnias, nasturtiums, and sunflowers round out the order, with a few odds and ends (beans, other annuals) thrown in for good measure. They may not all direct seed well, but at $2.79 per seed packet, it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Kept the order just around $90, which isn’t bad.

I honestly don’t know how long I’ll be able to stick to my $100/month garden budget. Of course, Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb’s budgets weren’t touched, so I’m doing good!! :) Time to place another order to fill in some of the gaps. I love spring…

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