Icy Shenandoah Valley Winter Wonderland

An ice storm makes everything beautiful! It is also hard on the rear when you fall, which I did…twice :-o Enjoy the beauty from the comfort and safety of your own home!

icy weeping willow tree

icy forsythia

icy saucer magnolia

icy pussywillow

icy mimosa


Shenandoah Valley Spring Break Snow Storm

Yep, more snow in March! Nine more inches of white fluffy stuff while a lot of students are on spring break. I don’t think you need more words to see that it’s snow, so enjoy if you are a snow lover!

snowy peach

snowy willow

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The Last Colors of Autumn

orange leaves


I’ve spent two weeks driving back and forth to the University of Virginia medical center since Dad’s surgery. He’s doing better, but I still want to be there as much as possible, so I make the drive.

It’s an hour and a half door to door along stretches of Interstates […]

What Sandy Left Behind

snowy mountains closeup

A hurricane in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley is always a big event. When that hurricane lasts days, stretches for 500 miles, and hits a cold front, it makes history.

Hurricane (and later tropical storm) Sandy made her presence known Saturday October 27th as the first bands of clouds began to descend […]

A Little Autumn Color

The weather has been all over the place in the last week! Crisp and cool, hot and sunny, blustery and breezy… There’s a little bit of autumn color on the trees near the barn. Happy Autumn!

Autumn Color at the Barn

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