Icy Shenandoah Valley Winter Wonderland

An ice storm makes everything beautiful! It is also hard on the rear when you fall, which I did…twice :-o Enjoy the beauty from the comfort and safety of your own home!

icy weeping willow tree

icy forsythia

icy saucer magnolia

icy pussywillow

icy mimosa

icy holly

icy […]

Shenandoah Valley Spring Break Snow Storm

Yep, more snow in March! Nine more inches of white fluffy stuff while a lot of students are on spring break. I don’t think you need more words to see that it’s snow, so enjoy if you are a snow lover!

snowy peach

snowy willow

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The Last Colors of Autumn

orange leaves


I’ve spent two weeks driving back and forth to the University of Virginia medical center since┬áDad’s surgery. He’s doing better, but I still want to be there as much as possible, so I make the drive.

It’s an hour and a half door to door along stretches of Interstates 81 and […]

What Sandy Left Behind

snowy mountains closeup

A hurricane in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley is always a big event. When that hurricane lasts days, stretches for 500 miles, and hits a cold front, it makes history.

Hurricane (and later tropical storm) Sandy made her presence known Saturday October 27th as the first bands of clouds began to descend on […]

A Little Autumn Color

The weather has been all over the place in the last week! Crisp and cool, hot and sunny, blustery and breezy… There’s a little bit of autumn color on the trees near the barn. Happy Autumn!

Autumn Color at the Barn

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