Canning Tools and Stuff Storage

A couple of years ago a coworker decided to get rid of this cute entertainment center. I offered to take it off her hands, thinking it would fit perfectly in our second-floor hallway. I pictured it with added shelves, holding sheets and towels.

Well, it’s heavy, and we’ve never managed to get it up the […]

New Shelves in our Root and Canning Cellar

Well, our annual revamp of the root cellar is complete! I love it a bit more with each improvement, and I make plans for the next improvement before the current improvement is done. You can see our first renovation and second renovation at each link. See below the picture for more details, and the bottom […]

Apple Pie Filling Magic

A few people have asked lately how many people I feed with my canning. Well, if you look at my root cellar, I guess it looks like a lot.

Yep, there are a few jars of pie filling in there, and I don’t really enjoy making pie… but Tim? Well, Tim loves pie. Wait — Tim […]

Bushel of Apples – Wordless Wednesday

Apple Bushel

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Canning Black Raspberries and Blackberries

wild black raspberries & blackberries

What better to do on a beautiful breezy Sunday than play with fruit?!

I came back from visiting my parents with a gift to myself — a flat of blackberries. They are big and slightly tart, nothing like their wild cousins just starting to fill out in our blackberry […]