Blue Dayflower

blue dayflower blooming

blue dayflower blooming

Hard to Identify

I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last two weeks trying to identify these pretty little flowers.There are one or two little clumps in the garden that edges our lane. They’re very low growing, so I didn’t notice them at first, but they’ve bloomed pretty much steadily for the last few weeks.

Looks Like a Dayflower

I suspected relatively early on they were dayflowers, but most of those I found in my reference books had two large blue petals and one smaller white petal. Clearly not the case with our little blue gems.

blue dayflower

blue dayflower

Virginia Dayflower… or Western Dayflower

It looks almost exactly like a Western dayflower, but since that seems to only grow out west, I think I’m off. I think it’s most likely Commelina virginica L. or Virginia Dayflower… well, because I live in Virginia. If you have a better idea of what I’m dealing with, let me know!

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