Apple Pie Filling Magic

A few people have asked lately how many people I feed with my canning. Well, if you look at my root cellar, I guess it looks like a lot.

Yep, there are a few jars of pie filling in there, and I don’t really enjoy making pie… but Tim? Well, Tim loves pie. Wait — Tim loves APPLE pie, which happens to be my least favorite pie to make. I hate peeling/slicing/coring apples. I use a little crank machine, but it still makes a mess and takes a while.

To compromise (I hate making it/he LOVES eating it), I make pie filling once a year so when it’s time to make the actual pie, either one of us can put together a crust (or buy one!!), dump in the pie filling, and cover it up. The hard part is done once, and we can enjoy pie no matter what else is on the schedule.

And it makes a nice gift. My sister visited over the weekend, and I sent her home with a jar of apple and a jar of blackberry pie fillings.

mixed apples

mixed apples

apple pie filling

apple pie filling

apple pie

apple pie

I adapted the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving recipe for apple pie filling. I subbed local apple cider for the apple juice, and I cut the clearjel in half. When it’s time to bake, keep in mind the pie filling is already baked. You’re really only baking to cook the crust.

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2 comments to Apple Pie Filling Magic

  • Athanasia

    I love making pies more than any other cooking/baking experience. It is relaxing for me…my crust recipe makes 4-5 crusts depending on size of pie pan.
    When my children were younger they used to love figuring out what I could make…Iike a 2 crust cherry and a 1 crust banana cream and a 1 crust French
    apple or two 2 crust pies or 5 one crust…etc. Every family gathering has a minimum of 2 pies.

    Last year my youngest and I received an abundance of gifted apples (we lost 2 apple trees over the years to storms) and we mixed up batches of crust
    and found all my saved aluminum pie pans (never get rid of anything as you will always need it someday!) and made up pie after pie. We used the Ball
    Blue Book as a guide as to how to prep and freeze. It is pretty much the same, just add extra flour or cornstarch, whichever you use. Then we sealed
    them up tight and put into the deep freeze. It was great pulling out a pie at any time and popping it into the oven…I did not notice any difference
    between that and a freshly made.

    • Wow — that’s a pie maker! My grandmother made the best pies. It’s never become a habit for me, but premaking the filling helps quite a bit. We have a few apple trees, but they were neglected for so long they need a good trim. I hope to add more over the years. I love the thought of a little orchard. Thank you for stopping by!

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