Harpers Statuary in Harrisonburg Virginia

Harpers Statuary

Sometimes a picture speaks louder than words.

While looking for a nursery two weeks ago, I spotted Harper’s Statuary and Water Gardens. Saturday I grabbed my strong hubby and headed to Harrisonburg to look for a bench for the new herb garden.

Words fail me. Everywhere you look, you see hundreds […]

Kitchen Herb Garden Put in and Planted

herb garden mostly planted 5-19-13

The herb garden is in! FINALLY!! You know that Air Supply Song, “Making Love Out of Nothing At All”? I find myself singing it when out working on our little vine pile, but I keep saying, “making herbs out of honeysuckle hill.” It’s a stretch for those of […]

Lilacs in Full Bloom

Most of the lilacs on the farm are in full bloom. The landscape is tinted lavender (or lilac, as the case may be), and the air smells wonderful.

Click on any picture to see it a little larger.

lilac blooms

lilac flowers

lilacs on the lane

lilacs […]