Lilac Bloom Beginning

And so it begins!

My favorite time of year on the farm has started with the first little buds of lilac opening. We have lilacs and lilac hedges along our lane, most of the yard, as well as the house. The smell is amazing! We still have magnolia and daffodil scenting the air, so […]

Coffee Fresh Roasted in the Shenandoah Valley

It’s a misty morning. When the sun doesn’t make a show, coffee is just about the only thing that makes me coherent. Fortunately, my little area of the Shenandoah Valley has at least three coffee roasters, so I can ensure I always have a bag of fresh-roasted beans.

I do have a favorite brand. The […]

Spring Flowering in Shenandoah

A few days of warmth, and all of the plants are showing off. We also have a couple of brown thrashers searching for mates. I didn’t know how much they sound like mockingbirds, but the pair we have pick high spots and sing all day long.

I thought I’d share a few pics with you […]

Late Spring versus Early Spring in Shenandoah

Winter is hanging on this year! As we cleared more brush today from those long-neglected flower beds, there was still a distinct chill in the air. In the sun, it wasn’t too bad, but working in the shadow was downright cold!

Last year we had an unseasonably early warmup..and this year it’s unseasonably late. ┬áCheck […]

Finally Daffodils Blooming



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