Small Business Saturday – Shop Local

“Shop Local.” You probably hear that more and more these days. It doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to everyone, but to me, it’s something I’ve always done. Shopping local means keeping money in my community. It means supporting the small independent business owner that grows hothouse tomatoes in the shoulder seasons and the family […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Please ignore the poor browning — that’s my fault :-) This is a J and L Green Farm pastured turkey. It’s legs and wings are bigger than “supermarket” birds, and the flavor is amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

j and l green farm pastured turkey

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The Last Colors of Autumn

orange leaves


I’ve spent two weeks driving back and forth to the University of Virginia medical center since┬áDad’s surgery. He’s doing better, but I still want to be there as much as possible, so I make the drive.

It’s an hour and a half door to door along stretches of Interstates 81 […]