Homemade Pizza

pepperoni pizza

I love pizza.

Yeah, everybody does, right? It’s one of my unholy trigger- food trinity, along with donuts and really good chocolate. Any of those are hard for me to say, “no” to.

I could eat it a few nights a week and never get tired of it. Sometimes when we […]

Misty Morning in the Valley

All of that rain yesterday has given us a pretty misty morning. I love these mornings! Tiny little orb weavers have built their webs between most of the rungs on the porch fencing. Each one is a tiny work of art!

dewy orb weaver web

dewdrops on orb weaver web

Beautiful Misty Shenandoah Valley Sunset

Today I worked in the city, and I drove through 7 different storms on the way home. After dinner with hubby, I was treated to a beautiful view, thanks to low-lying mist, high separating clouds, and the sun slipping behind the mountains. It’s hard not to feel happy looking at this beautiful view!

By the […]

Touring Shenandoah Caverns…Again

My sister visited yesterday. When she visits, she is explicit — she does not want to spend the day sitting around chatting. Since she also doesn’t want to work in the garden, that leaves site seeing. Before she deployed to Afghanistan in April 2010, we toured Shenandoah Caverns and she wanted to do it again.


Wild Black Raspberries To Be – Wordless Wednesday

unripe black raspberries

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