Papa’s Dogwood in Bloom

Dogwood Blossoms

The tree we planted in memory of my granddad in 2010 is in full bloom, and it’s beautiful!

It has grown quite a bit since we first planted it, and other than losing its top branch in a heavy snowfall, it has lead a pretty easy life.

I’m sharing this photo […]

Lambs – Wordless Wednesday

Neighbor Sheep

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Happy 58th Birthday Dad with Hummingbird Cake

Every year we celebrate birthdays in our families. We aren’t always together, but we always talk by phone, send a card, or get together a week or so before or after. Mom and Dad decided to visit the farm Saturday, so I got up early in the morning to make cupcakes for Dad’s birthday.

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Countdown to Lilac Bloom

Lilac bloom is a big deal around here. With hundreds of bushes around the house, lining the lane, and edging the yard, soon our little hill will smell lovely. I haven’t lived here long enough to estimate the bloom with any certainty, but I believe within a week or two we’ll be ready!