Canning Hot Pepper Jelly on a Snowy Day

What to do with myself when there are nearly 6″ of snow melting on the ground? Easy! Use up the peppers I picked ahead of the storm to make hot pepper jelly.

My new favorite sandwich is a good, crusty bread with a little brie, some sliced apple, and a smear of hot pepper jelly. […]

October Snow Storm in the Shenandoah Valley

If this is the trick, then I’m ready for the treat!

October 29th, 2011, I woke up to a winter wonderland — the Autumn trees were covered in snow. It snowed steady until about 1:00, when the big clumps of snow started falling from the trees. All told, we ended up with just under 6″ […]

Meems Bottom Covered Bridge – Wordless Wednesday

Fall Color From Meems Bottom Covered Bridge

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Last Vegetable Harvest of 2011

Frost is on its way, so I picked the remaining peppers (banana, sweet, jalapeno, and cayenne) and green tomatoes, along with one lone red tomato.  Still have some pole beans to shell, but I fell a week ago, and my back is still hurting, so I’m not up for it yet. Hopefully I’ll get to […]