Braconid Wasp Cocoons on Tomato Hornworm – Wordless Wednesday

tomato hornworm with braconid wasp cocoons

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Tomato Hornworms Are in the Shenandoah Valley

It was only a matter of time, but I really hoped to get a bit further into the season before I saw my enemy — the tomato hornworm – in my little Shenandoah Valley veggie garden. Well, no such luck. I found two of the suckers (or chewers, really) on the Roma tomatoes. I looked […]

Black Raspberries – Today’s Harvest

Today’s harvest is about three quarts of wild black raspberries (two are seen in the below picture).

The fruit are tiny compared to those gorgeous gems that are grown for market, but the taste is completely unique. The flavor of a sun-warmed black raspberry is somewhere between a raspberry and a blackberry — raspberry flavor […]

Garden Report June 22, 2011

I dosed the garden with some extremely stinky organic fish fertilizer three weeks ago. I think the plants have enjoyed it! Everything is lush and green. I’m enjoying it before the bad beetles invade!! Of course,  I’m behind on weeding,  so that’s the priority for tomorrow.

garden 6.22

sunflowers and corn […]

Bumble Bee on Cosmos – No Pesticide Zone

If you need a good reason why harsh pesticides have no place in a garden,  here’s one – a bumble bee happily working away on a cosmos blossom.

We purchased some organic supplements and I did break down and buy an organic spray to help with the aphids and flea beetles, but we don’t buy […]