Vegetable Garden Planner from Mother Earth News

Tonight I played around with Mother Earth News’ Vegetable Garden Planner, an online tool that allows you to “design your best garden ever.” It’s a versatile tool that allows you to figure out every detail of your garden.

new plan


After an easy login and email verification process (and it seems most […]

Wordless Wedneday – Autumn Mountain at Sunrise

Autumn Mountain Color at Sunrise

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Wetlands Trading Company

Wetlands Trading Company

When my friend Jackie said she was taking me to “The Wetlands,” I thought I was going to see a swampy area of the Shenandoah. (I’m a nature gal, so that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you.) Instead, I was thrilled when we ended up at Wetlands Trading Company, […]

Deauville Fallow Deer Farm – Buying Local

Saturday a Shenandoah Valley friend took me to Deauville Fallow Deer Farm, just a few miles down the road in Basye. Gail Rose, the owner, is a wonderful lady who took the time to walk us around her greenhouse, pick-your-own gardens, the chicken coop, and the deer herd.

fallow deer

Gail is an […]

Lilac Bloom in October on our Shenandoah Flower Farm

Today I feel even better about the name we chose for our Shenandoah Valley flower farm — Lilac Hill. I decided to reverse my daily walk around the yard with the border collie, and my “backwards” path allowed me to see something special: A lone bunch of blossoms on one of the lilac bushes that […]