The Joy of Gravel

spring lane in need of gravel

I guess one of the things I’ve taken for granted over the years are roads. I grew up in a small town, but we always lived off paved roads, so gravel was something peopled used in their driveways, but that was about it.

Here in Shenandoah, we have […]

Getting the Flower Farm Up and Running


I’ve been a business owner. I made a decent living carting my beadwork throughout Virginia every fall for eight or so years. I enjoyed meeting the people who loved and collected my work, but giving up my fall weekends (my favorite time of year) to stand behind a booth for two days was […]

Surprise Lilly! Looks Like a Pink Amaryllis in the Gardens

pink surprise lilly

Well, I haven’t had too many surprises of late as I take my morning walks around the property. The hibiscus flowers were a welcome spot of color, but they gave me a heads up with their buds. The black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia) and purple coneflowers (echinacea) are slowly fading away.  The phlox […]

The Cicadadas Are Singing

cicada in apple tree

In movies, the sound of crickets at night is supposed to indicate a peaceful country setting…a comforting lullaby that sends you off to sleep.

Well, I’m never lulled by that creek-creek-creek sound. It keeps me awake, though the sound dulls and I can eventually doze off.

Not so with the […]

Japanese Honeysuckle – White and Yellow Strangulation


Honeysuckle… such a beautiful name… such a sweet smell. When I was little, we’d grasp the green base of a flower, pull it from its creamy white petals, and enjoy a teeny drop of honey-flavored nectar. Spring in Virginia, wherever I’ve lived, has been scented by the lovely smell of white and yellow […]