Blue Dayflower

blue dayflower blooming

Hard to Identify

I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last two weeks trying to identify these pretty little flowers.There are one or two little clumps in the garden that edges our lane. They’re very low growing, so I didn’t notice them at first, but they’ve […]

Bladder Campion – Unidentified Bulbous Wildflower

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to identify these pretty little flowers. I noticed them at the edge of the forest. A kind reader of was able to share that it is a bladder campion, or Silene Vulgaris.

Bladder Campion

Bladder Campion closeup

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red and white poppies

When we moved in to our home, we found a few pictures of the gardens in full bloom. We haven’t been able to identify the photograph location of several of the photos, but one shows beautiful red-and-white poppies.

dried giant poppy pods

Another hint that we might […]

Sunset in Pink and Blue

This isn’t a picture of flowers or really even of the farm, but I thought it was so beautiful that I wanted to share it. Pictures of sunsets may be passe, but I felt a bit awestruck at nature’s display.


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Peonies in the Air

I’m a relatively late lover in peonies. At my first “grown-up” job, one of the secretaries brought in a bowl of sweet-smelling pink flowers one spring. Their smell filled the entire lobby.

I tried growing my first plants in my late twenties. I failed miserably at keeping them alive in pots at my rental home, […]