Shenandoah Things to Do – Potatoes and Parks

The Shenandoah Valley has something for everyone. From beautiful views of mountaintops to underground excursions in caverns… civil war battlefields, fly fishing, apple picking, fairs, potato chips…

If you’re planning a trip to the Shenandoah Valley and you aren’t sure where to start, the below parks provide a good jumping-off point. And why start your […]

Sweet Pea Bed – Before and After

Our biggest flower bed, which we jokingly call “the back 40” is 51′ x 81′ feet on two sides. The third “side” is an arc. The shape is strikingly similar to the infield of a baseball diamond, so we are toying with naming this bed the Oriole. We don’t know if orioles ever […]

Bulbs are Blooming and Buds are Swelling

Here at the farm, we’re at a higher elevation than the surrounding areas. As I drive to town, I gaze longingly at the beautiful sunshine-yellow daffodils facing the sun. At our home, only one or two have graced us with a hint of butter yellow. Until they stand at attention amongst the flower beds, I’ll […]

Shenandoah Valley Blogs

Shenandoah Valley defies stereotypes. I’ve met a full range of people living here, from city escapees trying to build a life here to lifelong residents who value their way of life.

Below are some blogs and sites about Shenandoah living. I’ll add new ones as they come up, and I’ve love to hear about your […]

Renee’s Garden Seeds Arrive!

My seed order from Renee’s Garden Seeds arrived, and I took a picture just because all of the packets are so pretty.

I’m itching to get things planted! I still don’t know where I’m going to put my sweet peas (and it’ still so rainy that it doesn’t really matter — no planting today!!)