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Our Shenandoah Valley Home

Our Shenandoah Valley Farmhouse at Riled Up Farm

Located in Mount Jackson, Virginia, Riled Up Farm is our Shenandoah Valley home. Its 5.5 acres sit on top of a small ridge facing the Allegheny Range and West Virginia.

Hundreds of lilacs ring the home, the forest, and our lane. Thousands of daffodils and numerous perennials fill flower beds and edge the forest.

We spend the majority of our time taming the wilderness and fighting invasive species while we try to grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers in Virginia’s Mountain region. When we’re not planting, growing, and harvesting, we’re preserving to prolong the enjoyment of eating what we grow.

Plan your visit to the Shenandoah Valley to coincide with the blooms of your favorite flower. Friends are always welcome, especially those who like to work ;-)

– the Smiths